Our Social Conscience

Historically, Ballygarvan Stonecraft began its life within the old family farmyard of its founder, Sean O’Halloran.  Although some people’s perception of concrete can be quite negative (see “History of Concrete” and “About concrete“), we at Ballygarvan Stonecraft like to think that concrete, and in particular, pre-cast concrete, has its place in the modern world that we live in.  Even though we have modernised our production facilities over the years, we continue to benefit from the human input in our manufacturing processes.  The joy and satisfaction obtained from interesting work, we believe to be uplifting to the human spirit.  Down through the years our company has been an outlet for healthy, manual summertime work for students and many of those young people have gone on to greater successes in their careers.  On the environmental front, because our business began on the family farm at Ballinreeshig, we have not forgotten our roots.  Since the early 1990’s, Ballinreeshig Nature Farm has benefited from financial support from the success of Ballygarvan Stonecraft.  This working relationship has resulted in the planting of over 20,000 native trees, the enhancement of native flora and fauna, preservation of natural habitats and a safe abode for birds and wildlife, as well as native cattle breeds, horses and goats.  Also, because of the biodiversity of plant life on the farm, it has become a source for healing herbs and fruits, with regular education workshops and guided nature walks.

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