How we manufacture our concrete products


  • Graded and washed stone chippings
  • Graded and washed sands
  • Irish Portland cement
  • Colour pigments
  • Super plasticisers and integral sealers
  • Water

All of the above ingredients are quality approved and comply to ISO 9000 standards

Mixing Process

  • All the ingredients are individually weighed and placed in our concrete mixing batching plant.
  • Each mix has a minimum ten minute mixing cycle.
  • The colour pigments are added at appropriate time intervals to give the finished colour hues that appear in our products.
  • Integral sealers are added in during the mixing process to help bind and seal the surfaces of the finished concrete.

Placement of freshly mixed concrete

  • Freshly mixed concrete is then delivered into concrete holding hoppers where the product is accurately dosed into the various shaped moulds.
  • The concrete that is now contained in the moulds goes through a compaction process on appropriately tuned vibrating plates.
  • It is then taken from here and placed in a curing shed where it stays for a minimum of 2 days to set.
  • When the product is de-moulded, it is then left to cure in the drying shed for a further minimum of 5 days.

Also note that certain products will require steel reinforcement.  The appropriate steel rods are placed in the moulds, supported with plastic spacers at the time of dosage of concrete.  We also use fibre reinforcement in some of our specialised product ranges.

Quality tests are regularly carried out in relation to the strength and durability of the concrete.

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