Company Profile

Founded over 40 years ago, Ballygarvan Stonecraft had been at the forefront in the production and development of a diverse range of innovative landscaping products previously unavailable in Ireland.  One of the original leaders in the field of coloured, precast concrete garden products.

Colour for Concrete has recently been established to preserve the artisan crafts and construction skills originally developed by Ballygarvan Stonecraft.

As Colour for Concrete is a much smaller business, early season bookings for installation contracts are advised.

The advantage Colour for Concrete offer to its private clients is that of an extensive choice of products and colour ranges from our uniquely designed moulds that have been accumulated over time since the founding of the original company.

Most of our products are now made to order and gives our clients better choices for desired colours and designs.  Again, early ordering is advised.

Our experienced and creative workforce are on hand to guide and assist you in choosing the appropriate solutions for your landscape construction needs.

We set up The Barn Store Landscape Design Studio to provide our customers with an excellent in house garden design service.  In using this service, clients can get an accurate rendition of how we may change a derelict plot into a new and fascinating landscape.  Product literature assists clients and together we can achieve creative solutions to what may seem impossible.

Our aim here at Colour for Concrete at Ballygarvan Stonecraft is to give you peace of mind, knowing that your property is being treated with the respect it deserves.

Landscape, … a place where people live

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