Checklist for consideration before purchasing concrete products

Use this article to ensure you buy the appropriate concrete products for your project.  The checklist below will be a useful guide to help you evaluate various quotes.  Be sure to ask the right questions before you make your purchase.  Remember, what you pay for today, is what you will be walking on tomorrow.

Useful Information to have on hand when considering other quotes

Compressive and tensile strength  In the manufacture of all concrete products, compressive strength values are very important.  Tests are regularly carried out to evaluate the required standards.  The highest quality concrete products are achieved through the use of quality approved washed sand and stone aggregates, combined with cement, clean water and super plasticisers.  Minimum compressive strength values of 25(N/mm2) are required on a 28 day test.  When these values are achieved the life span and durability of concrete products are greatly increased.


Colour pigments ratio per 100 kg of cementWhen adding colour pigments to concrete, the quality of the pigment used is of primary importance.  High quality natural iron oxide colour pigments are used at an average ratio of 5kg per 100kg of cement in mix design.  This creates vibrant colour hues and when given appropriate mixing times (minimum of 10 minutes) in the mixing process, the colours are distributed throughout the whole of the product.

Water repellent plasticisers

The inclusion of super plasticisers in the concrete mix brings many advantages. Super plasticisers have water repellent properties.  The benefit it brings to the finished product is that of increasing the surface of the products ability to repel moisture.  This offers great protection to a paving product in winter time where heavy frost can cause surface damage to all types of paving.  Super plasticisers also help form stronger cohesive bonds within the overall mix design and helps with colour intensification, improvement of compaction and strength.

Uniformity of the product

Good uniformity of product is important for the following reasons.  When paving products are of even depth and width, they are much quicker and easier to lay, thereby reducing installation costs.  Distortions or unevenness on the finished surface can look unsightly and contribute to water puddling and create difficulties for patio furniture.


Renovations and upgrading

Replacements or additions are always available should you choose to develop your project further.  Note this is not always the case when purchasing imported products.

In addition to asking the questions above, we also recommend you inspect the product before buying.


Remember concrete when properly and appropriately manufactured is a lifetime investment.

Any supplier can deliver product, but who delivers results?  Ballygarvan Stonecraft, 35 years of inspiring ideas and solutions that work.

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