Cheap paving slabs?

Reasons why we don’t make cheap paving slabs.

  • To make most things cheaply one most likely has to take short cuts.  We are in business over 35 years.  Experience has taught us never to take short cuts or use inferior ingredients.
  • There are no regulations in this industry with regard to standards.  It is the customer who will suffer from the usage of inappropriate and poor quality (cheap) ingredients.
  • To manufacture a high quality paving product that will give many years of service, one has to use the best quality ingredients and have the appropriate mixing ratio.  See our “How we manufacture our concrete products”.
  • What does our market research reveal?  That there are a lot of inappropriately installed patios with poor quality products used in their construction.  Results from our patio valeting and upgrading service reinforce these research results.  See our “Benefits of repair and valeting page”.
  • We believe in supplying our clients with a quality product which has been developed over the past 35 years.  Some of our products, which are 35 years old, are still in use today.
  • We invite our clients to inspect our manufacturing processes and see the standards involved.  Please note this is by appointment only (Health & Safety Regulations).  Remember, what you pay for today, is what you will be walking on tomorrow.
  • The paving industry is like many other professions, plagued with poor workmanship and attention to detail.  Don’t be led astray by unworkable cheap quotes and poor quality materials.  Always ask for the source of the materials that are being quoted for, the details of their manufacturing processes and the workmanship involved in the installation.

Sean O’Halloran
Founder – Colour for Concrete at Ballygarvan Stonecraft & Paving Company
Established 1978
Manufacturers and installers of an extensive range of patio, wall and paving materials

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