Transforming soulfull spaces into enjoyable places

Transforming soul-full spaces into enjoyable places.

Every space has a soul, everything that exists on this Earth, our home, has a soul.  This Earth itself has its own soul.  The World that surrounds this earth which we call the Cosmos has its own soul.  Within that cosmos, we have the vast expanse of stars and planets which in turn have their own souls.  The world in which we are part of exists within other worlds and so on and on, way out into infinity until we reach?  Let’s call it God for now, or the Creator of all that is, was and that will ever be.

So let’s zoom back here to where we live right now on this planet called Earth or Gaia and imagine ourselves as part of this whole creation living as physical human beings having a physical experience.

So what is Soul?

One might call the Soul that is in everything and in ourselves the part of us that has come into being to have the experience of living here on this Earth.  So every experience that we have is a soulful experience.  This is what our soul has come here to do, this is what collectively all our souls including all the other kingdoms around us including animate, inanimate are here to fulfil.  All of the creation together including us are having a soulful experience together and with each other.  That interactive experience together is just as it is with no judgement attached.  Our judgements arise as a consequence of how our minds, intellect, egos perceive those experiences.

So now what do we mean by “Transforming Soul-Full Spaces into Enjoyable Places”?

As we said earlier everything that exists has a soul which would then obviously include the Landscape Space we inhabit.  So when we go about designing and building Landscapes we try to connect with the soul of that particular space.  We do this through the faculty of our imagination.  We also need to use the faculty of mind/intelligence and particularly our capacity to listen carefully to the needs of our client and also to develop in our minds an awareness of the whole family dynamic and also any history attached to the place or hobbies or other interests that the client may have.  Then by allowing our own reasoning mind to remain calm we can enter a space within ourselves for inspiration to flow.  As the inspirational thoughts flow our imagination starts to well up and we allow the Landscape to touch us with what it may like to be transformed into so that it can also be part of what the Client will experience when in the completed space.  How a person chooses to interact with the completed project is entirely of their own choosing, whether it be for an aesthetically pleasing addition to the house, or a place to sit out in and immerse oneself in the wonders of nature.  Any which way, your soul will be touched.  Enjoy the creation.

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